I connect leadership and organisation development to business strategy through executive coaching, team coaching and consultancy.

My aim is to enable people to work in a more collaborative, supportive and agile way, to better contribute to wider business goals. This may involve generating a shift in overall culture, developing new leadership capacities and encouraging more strategic and critical thinking. It’s about focusing on relationships and outcomes.

I’ve worked with many organisations to bridge the gap between setting strategic goals and achieving them. People, purpose and leadership are the key. It’s rewarding work, helping people to understand themselves at a deeper level, prompting teams to connect better and organisations to progress.

What is it like to work together?

My style is to listen and explore, holding-up the mirror and encouraging leaders and teams to reflect deeply on themselves and to take the opportunity to understand the needs of their wider stakeholders and business objectives.

The day to day role can often result in a drift from bigger picture goals. Our work together gives us the time to pause, reflect and realign individuals with collective objectives. This offers an opportunity to think, feel and behave differently, generating an appetite for change.

Who am I?

I care about the people I work with. I enjoy getting to know people, to be alongside them, and to give them the opportunity to breathe, reflect and understand themselves better, in a safe, yet challenging way.

Often, a person needs to understand more about themselves and how they see and respond to what is happening around them. My approach is to create an environment of trust in which we can work constructively, bringing about change through self-awareness and new perspectives.


I have experience as both a coach and a business leader, working in and with organisations from SME’s to larger national and international organisations, in a range of sectors. I have been a Board Director in small, growth business and led a global function in a FTSE quoted business. I’ve worked on making strategic goals happen, such as growth opportunities, downsizing, and business integration.

Change takes place and organisational goals are better achieved when people take personal responsibility, collaborate and keep an eye on the bigger picture.

This is what I do.


Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision (APECS) – Accredited as Master Executive Coach and Master Team Coach
Certified as a Team Coach by the Academy of Executive Coaching (and taught team coaching)
Trained as a Coaching Supervisor with Bath Consultancy Group (and taught others)
Qualified to use various psychometric instruments including MBTI, Step 2 and EQi2.0
I am a Director of APECS, currently responsible for Accreditation


These include international businesses e.g. Vodafone, Microsoft, Ericsson, Aberdeen Standard Investments, Unilever, Baker McKenzie, Deloitte and also smaller, fast growth businesses and some public sector organisations.


Member of APECS and subscriber to its Ethical Guidelines