It helps people better understand their thought patterns, feelings and behaviour and what is happening around them. This frees them to respond at their best and shape the future.

With executive coaching from EOS Consultancy you can expect:

  • A process of building greater self-insight and combining this with a better understanding of the world around you and how you engage with it.
  • Honest feedback. By listening carefully, I will respond to what I see, hear and feel, drawing on my experience and knowledge, so that we can explore things differently together.
  • To identify, appreciate and build on your strengths, as well as tackling what may be holding you back
  • To explore how you relate to others, and how you might shift your approach to work better together towards a common purpose.
  • To feel energised by the process, more resilient and resourceful and in a position to raise your performance.
  • To grow as a person, with confidence in your leadership capabilities.

Typical Coaching Process

My work as a coach is always tailored to individual and organisational needs. However, a typical coaching process has the following flow:


We will start with an initial discussion to get to know each other a little and talk about the areas of focus and the nature of the coaching process. This will help us establish whether we may work well together and I will answer any questions you may have.


In the first session we will further explore the outcomes you hope for from the process. Some of these will be quite explicit but others may have a broader development focus. Within the first 2 sessions, it is likely we will have a 3-way conversation with your direct manager, to understand together what they hope you will achieve from the process and our roles in getting there.

A key outcome of this first session is to build trust between us, so that we can work well together, thereafter. We will have clarity on the desired outcomes and an agreed “contract” on how we will work together to generate these outcomes.

Exploring Together

Through the following sessions, we will have a series of lightly structured conversations, that move us toward the outcomes you seek.

I will listen carefully, reflect back what I am hearing and probe in areas that seem important to you. At the end of each session we may agree some actions or differences in behaviour that you will take forward.

In the subsequent session we will explore what has happened, successes and disappointments, but above all, what more you have learned about yourself and the context in which you are working. We will also work on issues, opportunities and themes emerging in your work. Using these to deepen your understanding and shift your behaviours toward your goals.


Typically, the conversations are 1-1.5 hours in length and are spread over time, so that we have 6-10 over a 6-9 month period. This will vary though, depending on the context, focus and desired outcomes.

Stepping into the Future

In the final session(s) we will consolidate progress against the outcomes initially agreed, recognising how these may have changed. We will also agree areas for continuing development. What more can you do to build on the work done?

Assessing Outcomes

People sometimes wonder how we can measure the impact of coaching. This is part of the contracting process at the outset and may include some or all of the following:

  • Behavioural change – what are you and others noticing that is different; this might include 360 feedback
  • Shift in your leadership capacity – how are you seeing and connecting things differently; what is the shift in how you feel?
  • Team performance of a team you lead – in what ways is it performing better?
  • Cultural shifts in your area of the business – is there a difference in behaviour patterns – evidence might include examples and surveys?
  • Business performance changes – have you achieved some significant goals as a result e.g. in customer/client services, sales, profitability, growth?